Maiden's Choir

The Maiden's Choir is an Ustalavean tradition. Located within the city of Ardis in a temple known officially as The Cathedral of The Interred Maiden – or known to locals as both "Our Lady of the Underground" and "Maiden's Chest" -, the Choir serves multiple key functions in Ustalav. While thje inner workings are not known in any great detail to the outside world, writing from a defector by the name of Kassian Valterro revealed several parts of the order:

The Maiden's Choir, a collection of clerics and healers who seek to improve the world around them and act as examples of the 'Maiden's Grace'. The Choir is the public portion of the group, and is what most people refer to when discussing them. They strive to follow three commandments from the unnamed Maiden herself: To prevent the blighting, to raise the broken, and to shield the weakened. To assist them in these endeavors, they are often paired with a Vaustian, or guardian, picked from the second branch – the Maiden's Hand.

The Maiden's Hand enacts the will of the 'church', often appearing as guardians and protectors of the Choir. To this end, they also find themselves enlisted in the Ustalavian armies – Choir members are generally asked to assist as medics on the field, and the Hand travels with them. According to Kassian's writings, the reason for the Hand being close is twofold – to protect the Choir while they perform the duties that they have been given, and to act as an insurance policy should the Choir begin to 'stray from the path' or speak out against the Maiden. Trained as fighters from an early age, the Hand is taught a slightly different doctrine from the Choir, something much more closely aligned with the ideas of Irori. The three commands given to them are as follows: To act as the instrument of the Maiden, To train out any weaknesses, and to stay vigilant in spirit, mind, and body.

The third branch is the most fearsome – The Repentia. Rarely seen, the Repentia are the upper echelon of the Maidens. According to Kassandria's writings, the Repentia act as aides to the Ustalavian government – quelling rebellion and acting as a force against enemies of the state and church. Even Kassandria did not have much information on the Repentia, and the rumor is that they are scattered throughout the Maiden's branches to keep from being found out. The Repentia have been seen as bodyguards for some of the highest ranks of Ustalavian government, and the Repentia's Grand Accusers have acted as a sort of high-intensity law enforcement for the crown.

While the Maiden's Choir seems to be focused on the benefit of Ustalav and the halting of the spreading Blight, the secrecy that they shroud themselves in has often lead to suspicion from the common man. In addition, the 'Maiden' herself has never been named, with Choir members seeming to come from various faiths across Golarion. The abrupt and surprising death of Kassandria Valterro hardly a year after her words were published has also stirred conspiracy rumors, although the Choir has never made a mention of her outside of a memoriam to her passing when the bell was rung in her honor. 

Maiden's Choir

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